Monday, July 30, 2012

Stars and Bars

dress from Milly | panting from Samantha French
iphone cover from Joy St Claire |bag from Kate Spade 
stationary from eInvitepaperweights from iomoi | shirt from JCrew

I'm a little ashamed to say this, but I've never been on board with red, white, and blue. I'm a big fan of blue and white, but add a little red, and you lose me. However, with the Olympics in full swing, I'm starting to really embrace all things patriotic. I'm not sure if it's the British flags waving during road races that are convincing me, the way the American flag looks on those swim caps, or just the Olympic spirit and team USA in general. They're catchy, those Olympics, aren't they? So tell me...what's your favorite thing to watch? Being a former swimmer here, I'm all about the pool events (and Ryan Lochte). 

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