Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Common Theme

image from Elle Decor

image from Vogue

image from Amber Interiors

image from Schuler Samperton

This weekend, I organized all the images on my computer and my tear sheets to really help me focus on decorating our house. While doing so, I noticed a pretty cohesive theme between some of my favorite images. Neutral backdrops, white washed wood, natural elements, and layered textiles with lots of pattern and ethnic prints. Something about them looks so relaxing, inviting, and laid-back. 

The top image is from Reese Witherspoon's house, and it's going to be in the new Elle Decor out later this month. Obviously, I'm going to scoop that bad boy up as soon as it hits newspaper stands, because Reese is second only to Gwyneth in my book. If her house looks as good as that one room, it's going to be a looker!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Stars and Bars

dress from Milly | panting from Samantha French
iphone cover from Joy St Claire |bag from Kate Spade 
stationary from eInvitepaperweights from iomoi | shirt from JCrew

I'm a little ashamed to say this, but I've never been on board with red, white, and blue. I'm a big fan of blue and white, but add a little red, and you lose me. However, with the Olympics in full swing, I'm starting to really embrace all things patriotic. I'm not sure if it's the British flags waving during road races that are convincing me, the way the American flag looks on those swim caps, or just the Olympic spirit and team USA in general. They're catchy, those Olympics, aren't they? So tell me...what's your favorite thing to watch? Being a former swimmer here, I'm all about the pool events (and Ryan Lochte). 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hump Day

Serious hump day struggles going on over here. I'm taking the rest of the week off (starting tomorrow) to hang out with the new pup, spend some time perusing Houston museums, actually hanging some things on our walls, and generally enjoying life. Funny how the shortest weeks always take the longest. But you know what's getting me through this week? Knowing the Olympics start in just a few days. I stocked up on tea cookies and English breakfast for the Opening Ceremonies and ordered this print. London has never looked better.

purchase from KeriBevan on etsy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tea Time

This past weekend, my sister and I hosted an English tea for my Mother's (age not to be disclosed) birthday. Since it's the year of the Queen's Jubilee, we figured it was perfect timing. Not to mention we're all complete Anglophiles and up for any excuse to don a hat. I did my best Kate Middleton impression complete with eye liner and curled hair, and my Mom was Queen for a Day with a tiara someone has kept around since high school...

An "adult" English tea wouldn't be complete without some Pimms, and Mom now has her own "Pimms cart" for summer beverages whenever she pleases. 

Pom poms were hand made by my sister (obviously the more talented, DIY sister of the bunch).

The table decor consisted of a collection of vases, English roses, pictures of Mom sprinkled throughout, and my collection of Penguin classics by English authors. 

In addition to macarons, tea sandwiches, cookies, scones, and clotted cream, we had a delicious cake to top things off. It was a pretty fantastic way to spend a Saturday, and now I have plenty of English tea and clotted cream left over to celebrate the Olympics in London this week!

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Addition

Just yesterday, Kyle and I made our family just a little bit bigger, with the addition of this guy! We've been in the process of adopting a dog, and we finally got to bring him home yesterday, and we could not be more excited! 

Plus, getting a dog makes your future selves come out right? Obviously Kyle will look like this when we go on walks...

image from this amazing website that will make your day

And I will get my dream car (a Wagoneer), never have frizzy hair, spend weekend jaunts away, and live in an amazing classic house. That happens right?

image from Live Creating Yourself

Friday, July 20, 2012

On My Bedside Table

I got out of my book review groove for a while there due to a lack of good books to review and the fact that I'm not sure anyone wanted to read about the history of Cuba or feeding disorders in children. Seating Arrangements, thank goodness, does not fit into these categories.  

Seating Arrangements takes place during a wedding weekend in the Northeast, following various members of the Van Meter family and their guests in the lead up to the big day. The book has no shortage of characters from the WASPy mother Biddy to the aging patriarch Winn to the slightly unhinged younger sister and the sexy bridesmaid. The novel follows these characters throughout the weekend as Biddy attempts to keep control, Winn struggles to maintain his role as the loyal familial patriarch, and the Maid of Honor navigates the perils of a wedding with a broken heart.

If you are looking for a summer read, Seating Arrangements is your book. It's quickly-paced and entertaining but packs more of a punch than your typical beach read. The characters offer interesting reflections on the ideas of love, marriage, and family and rise above the typical cliches you might expect from a book revolving around a wedding. It's Northeastern WASPy privilege at it's best/worst, and you'll most likely finish the book realizing you're family isn't so quirky after all. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Future Dream Home

I just found Chassity's blog Look Linger Love the other day (oh hey rock, nice to come out from under you), and while oohing and ahhing of the pictures of her new house, I clicked on the link to her architect, Heather A. Wilson. I was promptly blown away and realized I might have found my future dream house on her website.

One with beams, amazing paneling, and sliding barn doors throughout the house...

Add in one neutral palette, walls of windows, and lamps that are working it in that room...

A built in china cabinet with not your typical materials...

A teepee!!

And the cherry on top: an amazing outdoor space complete with fireplace, television, and one #%$*&@ of a porch swing. We'll just call this space my second bedroom. 

all images from Heather A. Wilson (a place you should most definitely go see)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Neon Lights

purse from Claire Vivier | pillows from City Girls Decor on etsy | Gorjana bracelet from Shopbop 
Stuart Weitzman shoes from Shopbop | Blanket from Shoppe by Amber Interiors

I'm on board with the neon trend since I used to rock some serious neon biker shorts and scrunchies back in the day. I can't pull of the head-to-toe neon look, but I'm always up for some colorful accessories around the house or in my closet. It also lends itself particularly well to hot summer nights and tans (or maybe it's just the couple above convincing me of that). Above are some of my favorite neon picks, and although they aren't biker shorts, I'm convinced they'll do the trick.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Etsy Finds

all images from ma galerie

Summer trip to Paris? Alright, not in the cards (at least for me, anyway). But, as ya'll well know, if I can't hop on a plane, I'm always up for buying the picture and visually transporting myself to a far away locale. I've purchased from ma galerie in the past, and in addition to be being super friendly and accommodating, she also takes the brightest snapshots of the City of Light. I love her detailed little glimpses that feel oh-so-French, and her sets of pictures with words are just as laid-back French chic. Plus, who doesn't need some photographs from France to indulge their inner Parisian? 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tory Burch Resort

all images from Tory Burch

Tory is one of my main girls, along with Diane, Loeffler, and a couple of other chicks who get my preppy/I wish I were more boho vibe. For the past couple of years, Tory Burch has killed resort. I always want every single thing she puts out, but alas, I end up just looking at them instead. 2013 Resort is no different. I'm loving the patterns, embellishment, and simple dresses. Pack my suitcase and take me to a beach, I could definitely rock these in a little place called Thailand. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Carrie Bobo

all images from carriebobo.com

During Grad School in Chicago, I became enamored with the works of Edward Hopper and often headed down to the Art Institute of Chicago to take a look at his works when I was supposed to be studying. I loved the fact that they were a little forlorn, which spoke to my new "big city girl" mindset, but also hinted at hidden stories and relationships, offering glimpses into the lives of others and letting my imagination run wild.

Last night, I stumbled upon the artwork of Carrie Bobo and immediately felt the Hopper-like vibe of her work. I love the stark depictions and lack of detail, but while her work recalls that of Hopper's, the use of bright colors lends some optimism to her work. Her work is so peaceful and interesting at the same time. She has so many other great pieces on her site, and it's definitely worth a look (or a purchase for November birthdays...). 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Breakfast Nook

image from Patterson Maker

image from Serena and Lily

After spending probably every day since we moved in looking for a bench, we finally found one this weekend (!), and the plan is to make a cozy nook filled with a collection of mismatched pillows to make it an extra comfy spot to spend Saturdays reading and eating salmon and eggs. Kyle has his heart set on a combination of orange and blue pillows, but I'm not so sure a classic blue and white combo might not be the way to go. So thank goodness for programs that let me play around instead of actually buying the pillows!

Friday, July 6, 2012

July Wishlist

Noble House necklace from Bauble Bar | Beautiful Ruins from Amazon 
Seating Arrangements from Amazon | Marais USA shoes from Urban Outfitters (on sale!) 
Kate Ridder Rooms from Amazon | Helena Wurzel from 20x200 |
 Pillow from Arianna Belle | Big Easy Style from Amazon 

My list of wants is veering a lot more towards home than clothes this month. Most likely because I'm going to be limited to sandals, shorts, tank stops, and light dresses for the next few months. Plus, I have a list of books a mile long that I want to read, and they are taking serious precedence over clothes. Something about summer makes me want to read all day long. Maybe it's all the summer reading lists from my past that served their purpose to instill a deep love of learning. What about you? What's on your July wishlist?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Sandals

Sandals from left to right: Cole Haan | Madewell | Zara 

July 5th is here, which means summer is in full swing. It's time to let your feet do all the talking, and naturally summer sandals are the way to go. You'll need a good mix of basics, bold colors, patterns, sparkle, and something a little off-beat. Go forth and let those pretty pedis and tanned feet show off for the next few months. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

image from that kind of woman tumblr

image from Tory Burch

image from style me pretty

image from Chance Co.

Happy 4th of July!!  I hope you have trips to beaches, grilling out burgers, drinking beers, and fireworks on today's agenda. And a little bit of celebrating America's birthday, of course! 

One of my life-long wishes is to spend the 4th in Boston, but we're still knee deep in quarter close, which means I'll be learning calligraphy from a new class I found online, reading, and blaring music from The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, and Bear and Boy. I'm the last person to know about good music, but these three bands have been on constant repeat for most of my week. If you have any good music suggestions, send them my way! 

Happy Fourth of July!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


all images from etsy shop 19sixty4

Another shop I've come across on my hunt for Gallery Wall art is 19sixty4. I actually ordered a couple of prints from the shop last week, and let me tell you, these pictures don't even come close to doing them justice. All her prints are on metallic paper, which makes them incredibly vibrant and a little bit vintage looking. The shop is filled with great shots of Southern California, and if I had any ties to Southern California whatsoever I would scoop up all her shots of lifeguard stands. She also has other prints from around the globe with shots of NYC, London, and Chicago. We just received the print of Ancient Rome, and it's bright coral tones and inclusion of so many landmarks has me convinced I could just put on some gladiator sandals, open a bottle of wine, and be transported back to Italy. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Update

My other half is currently in the middle of Quarter Close, which means my weekend was spent attempting to be quiet while he fields phone calls from Asia and Europe and his Blackberry dings around 9823408 times. Entertaining myself involved reading magazines, newspapers, blogs...pretty much anything I could get my hands on. A couple of interesting reads: "The Medication Generation" from the WSJ, "Why Women Still Can't Have It All," and the newest Veranda has a stunning home from Nick Olsen. Veranda is slowly working its way into my must-read stack, and the WSJ magazine that comes out monthly is killing it too. 

Our gallery hall is starting to come along slowly. I received my prints from Kristen Kirkley in the mail this weekend, and a couple of other etsy shops that I'll show you tomorrow. Now I just need frames...

Last weekend, we headed out to Hempstead, TX and got the.best.peaches. My go to summer lunch this week has been arugula salad with goat cheese, olive oil, and and egg, plus a side of fresh fruit. Quick and easy and soo good. 
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