Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Carrie Bobo

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During Grad School in Chicago, I became enamored with the works of Edward Hopper and often headed down to the Art Institute of Chicago to take a look at his works when I was supposed to be studying. I loved the fact that they were a little forlorn, which spoke to my new "big city girl" mindset, but also hinted at hidden stories and relationships, offering glimpses into the lives of others and letting my imagination run wild.

Last night, I stumbled upon the artwork of Carrie Bobo and immediately felt the Hopper-like vibe of her work. I love the stark depictions and lack of detail, but while her work recalls that of Hopper's, the use of bright colors lends some optimism to her work. Her work is so peaceful and interesting at the same time. She has so many other great pieces on her site, and it's definitely worth a look (or a purchase for November birthdays...). 

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