Friday, May 25, 2012

Rope Bracelets

image from Atlantic-Pacific

image from Rue Magazine

I'm not a preppy Northeasterner, nor do I have a particular affection for sailing, but these rope bracelets that keep popping up seriously have my attention. They're a little bit like a friendship bracelet without the trendy factor and are an ideal, light accessory for those hot summer months that are soon to be upon us. The Ropes Maine makes the version pictured throughout the blogosphere, but not being one to spend $60 on a bracelet made out of rope, I found a super attractive option from buoy6 on etsy (which I purchased ASAP - in blue and orange of course).

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I plan on celebrating by painting a hallway, sleeping, reading, getting some sun, and hopefully seeing my husband (who has been working like a maniac). Plus, we might even try out the grill we got as a wedding gift over 2 years ago! Any big plans?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Wants (and Needs)

Joie dress from Shopbop | Very Fond of Food from Amazon | Clutch from Gigi NY | Jeans from Madewell | Nars "Kutki" polish from Amazon | Butter London "Teddy Girl" from Amazon | Loren Hope necklace | Michael Kors watch from Shopbop | Good Bones, Great Pieces from Amazon

Something I might not be the best at is staying within my budget. I'm usually pretty close, but towards the end of each month, a book or two (or five) always sneaks its way into my Amazon cart. A new method I'm working on, that seems to be helping a little bit, is making a visual wishlist each month. I put together all the things I really, really want and then wait until the end of the month to buy them. By that time, things are either on sale, out of my size, not really something I want anymore, or moved over to the next month. It's cut back on a lot of spending, because after starting at something for an entire month, I know what I really, really want and what I can do without. So lest you think I'm moneybags over here, just know only a couple items will probably survive the final cut. I'm always open to suggestions, though...any tips for staying under budget?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On My Wishlist: Tolix Chairs

image from House Beautiful

image from Kitchen Lab

image from Sally Wheat Interiors

image from Lonny Mag

In my dream house, I have an amazing indoor/outdoor space with a long trestle table filled with Tolix chairs picked up in flea markets across Europe. As they say, dream big! I love the look of these classic metal chairs that add a pinch of French style. When we finally get a guest room (in the who knows how distant future), I have full intentions of finding one of these beauties that can double as a desk chair/side table. Lucky for me, Round Top flea is at the end of June; so until then you can find me crossing my fingers and toes that we find one there. For those of you who can't make it, you can find versions of them at Design Within Reach, Sundance, and Antiquare Chicago

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rustic Chic Wedding

Running a little behind today as I attempt to recover from one of the most fun wedding weekends I've ever attended. My good friend Emily got married this weekend, and it was absolute perfection. Everything from the setting (her family farm) to the dress to the flowers, decorations, and dessert bar was so well done. I thought I would show ya'll a few snippets, as I'm positive that this wedding will be featured somewhere else with big, bold spreads. As you can see, they struck the perfect combination between rustic and romantic with a healthy dose of fun thrown in for good measure. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blue + White

image from Veranda

image from Absolutely Beautiful Things

image from Rue

There is nothing like classic blue and white. If you've been to my home, you can attest that I love me some blue and white. The most recent issue of Rue Magazine inspired me with Cassandra Lavalle's combination of traditional blue and white elements and natural materials. I've got a plain white table that is practically calling out for this look; so here's a little inspiration board to remind me to save up my money so that I too can eat in style. 

placemat from Williams-Sonoma | napkins from Wisteria | plate from Anthropologie
bowl from Furbish | flatware from Neiman Marcus

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer To-Dos

image from Glamour | image from Sunbear | image from Coralie Bickford Smith

I'm a compulsive to-do lister. You can find a weekly, daily, and monthly list in my planner, and since temperatures are dangerously close to the 90s, I decided a Summer to-do list is in order. There are quite a few other items on the list, but I figured we were all only interested in my more picturesque goals. I am in desperate need to find some way to wear my lion's mane during the summer, and teased updos seems like an easy solution for the heat and humidity. I've also been promising myself I would actually learn to use my DSLR, and there's no time like the present. We have an amazing trip planned for later this year; so it's about time I get my practice in. And, last but not least, I'm slowly buying up the F. Scott Fitzgerald books from Penguin Classics and making my way through each one. Anyone else have a Summer to-do? Or good tips for teasing and shooting? 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Derby Recap

We may not have won big, but we had so much fun at the Kentucky Derby this weekend. Louisville is a great town, and it's hard to believe that it gets even better on Derby weekend. (1) On Friday night, we attended a pre-Derby party complete with a live band, outdoor tents, and chandeliers. Which begs the question, does anyone entertain like Southerners do? (2) I didn't participate in any mint julep drinking, but I did try the Lily (vodka, cranberry, sweet and sour mix, triple sec), which has now been added to my favorite Springtime drink list. (3) I learned this weekend that men take their Derby apparel just as seriously as us women do (and look all the better for doing so). I was privy to many conversations regarding sports coats, pocket squares, seersucker, and sunglasses brands. (4) I know ya'll were anxiously awaiting my Derby attire reveal (wink wink), and here it is! I thought I was going to be a little off beat with my fascinator, but I quickly realized quite a few other people were inspired by the royal wedding as well. 

Overall, an incredibly fun weekend with welcoming hosts and great people. Now I just need to find other places it's acceptable to wear a hat...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dressing for Derby

Classic: Tibi dress | Hat from Nordstom | Sydney sandals from JCrew
Havana clutch from JCrew
English Rose: Collette by Collette Dinnigan dress from Netaporter | Pillbox hat from ASOS
Clutch from DVF | Michael Kors shoes from Neiman Marcus
Pop of Color: Tibi dress | Shandee wedges from Banana Republic 

This time to tomorrow, I'll be boarding a plane headed for Louisville, Kentucky! Kyle and I are enormously excited to attend the Kentucky Derby with friends, and I cannot wait. Naturally, when we heard, I did what anyone would do and settled into a mild panic trying to determine what to wear and how one goes about finding a hat in the twenty-first century. I came up with a couple of different ideas and finally settled on a winning look (which just so happens to be one of those pictured above). I'll be spending my weekend mint julep in hand, fingers crossed, holding onto my hat...any guesses which one it is? :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Florence + The Machine

image from teaforleigh

image from InStyle

image from InStyle

Things I cannot do:
1. Rock a boho look. Tried. Failed.
2. Sing. (or whistle or hum for that matter)
3. Pull off read hair.

Things I can do: Attempt to channel my inner-boho/rocker spirit while singing my heart out and overall girl-crushing on Florence Welch. Can you tell I am only mildly excited to see Florence + the Machine in concert tonight?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let's Picnic

image from glitter guide

image from pretty stuff by patterson maker

image unknown

Do any of you picnic? Pinterest has recently been trying to convince me to go on a picnic. In reality, Pinterest tries to get me to do a lot of things (like buy shoes and dresses and purses and mix prints). But this picnic thing is really starting to convince me. Who wouldn't want to fill up a basket with food, some fancy water, possibly an adult beverage or two, and sit in a park? So today, instead of my typical lunch in my car, I'm dreaming of a retro-style picnic complete with a super soft blanket and my favorite food of all time - Manchego cheese. (Because virtual cheese calories definitely beat the real ones.)

shirt from J.Crew | Alice by Temperly shorts from Netaporter | Sunglasses from Anthropologie |
 Hatty2 sandal from Topshop | Piccadilly basket from Target | Brahms Mount blanket
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