Monday, May 21, 2012

Rustic Chic Wedding

Running a little behind today as I attempt to recover from one of the most fun wedding weekends I've ever attended. My good friend Emily got married this weekend, and it was absolute perfection. Everything from the setting (her family farm) to the dress to the flowers, decorations, and dessert bar was so well done. I thought I would show ya'll a few snippets, as I'm positive that this wedding will be featured somewhere else with big, bold spreads. As you can see, they struck the perfect combination between rustic and romantic with a healthy dose of fun thrown in for good measure. 


  1. I love the sign post with all of the mileages on it. I take it that this reflects how far and from where the various attendees came? I also love the seating guide - so creative. There's so much love and attention to detail in the execution of what is pictured here. It must have been fun to be there!

    1. The best part of so much of the wedding was that the bride's family helped create all the sounds and found the antiques that were scattered throughout the ceremony and reception areas. Seriously, it was amazing and SO fun!


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