Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let's Picnic

image from glitter guide

image from pretty stuff by patterson maker

image unknown

Do any of you picnic? Pinterest has recently been trying to convince me to go on a picnic. In reality, Pinterest tries to get me to do a lot of things (like buy shoes and dresses and purses and mix prints). But this picnic thing is really starting to convince me. Who wouldn't want to fill up a basket with food, some fancy water, possibly an adult beverage or two, and sit in a park? So today, instead of my typical lunch in my car, I'm dreaming of a retro-style picnic complete with a super soft blanket and my favorite food of all time - Manchego cheese. (Because virtual cheese calories definitely beat the real ones.)

shirt from J.Crew | Alice by Temperly shorts from Netaporter | Sunglasses from Anthropologie |
 Hatty2 sandal from Topshop | Piccadilly basket from Target | Brahms Mount blanket

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  1. Cave into Pinterest's persuasion on this one!! We do a monthly picnic here and try to pick a new location each month to change it up. It's not always so glamorous (aka usually it involves take-out), but it is always so much fun to be outside and away from the computer :)

    Kini Style & Klury.com


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