Friday, May 25, 2012

Rope Bracelets

image from Atlantic-Pacific

image from Rue Magazine

I'm not a preppy Northeasterner, nor do I have a particular affection for sailing, but these rope bracelets that keep popping up seriously have my attention. They're a little bit like a friendship bracelet without the trendy factor and are an ideal, light accessory for those hot summer months that are soon to be upon us. The Ropes Maine makes the version pictured throughout the blogosphere, but not being one to spend $60 on a bracelet made out of rope, I found a super attractive option from buoy6 on etsy (which I purchased ASAP - in blue and orange of course).

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I plan on celebrating by painting a hallway, sleeping, reading, getting some sun, and hopefully seeing my husband (who has been working like a maniac). Plus, we might even try out the grill we got as a wedding gift over 2 years ago! Any big plans?


  1. Good find! Thanks for the tip, I just bought myself some!

  2. Finally I am on the same page in real time! I've noticed these popping up too. There are some cute ones that are a knotted style on Etsy as well, but I love the authentic hardware used for the clasp on these.

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