Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blue + White

image from Veranda

image from Absolutely Beautiful Things

image from Rue

There is nothing like classic blue and white. If you've been to my home, you can attest that I love me some blue and white. The most recent issue of Rue Magazine inspired me with Cassandra Lavalle's combination of traditional blue and white elements and natural materials. I've got a plain white table that is practically calling out for this look; so here's a little inspiration board to remind me to save up my money so that I too can eat in style. 

placemat from Williams-Sonoma | napkins from Wisteria | plate from Anthropologie
bowl from Furbish | flatware from Neiman Marcus


  1. i love this color of blue. my mom always had glassware & dishes with this rich blue, so it feels really homey to me. love it!

    and... this might be stupid, but did you used to live in london? i take it you're not still?

    1. Yup, you're right...we did live in London! Unfortunately, we're not still there. We're back to our TX roots and living in Houston.

  2. I love blue and white, too. I'm always attracted to it and recently noticed that all of my duvets and bedding are some kind of blue and white color combo. That top picture is gorgeous, wish I had a farmhouse table like that, too. It's such a great look.


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