Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Wants (and Needs)

Joie dress from Shopbop | Very Fond of Food from Amazon | Clutch from Gigi NY | Jeans from Madewell | Nars "Kutki" polish from Amazon | Butter London "Teddy Girl" from Amazon | Loren Hope necklace | Michael Kors watch from Shopbop | Good Bones, Great Pieces from Amazon

Something I might not be the best at is staying within my budget. I'm usually pretty close, but towards the end of each month, a book or two (or five) always sneaks its way into my Amazon cart. A new method I'm working on, that seems to be helping a little bit, is making a visual wishlist each month. I put together all the things I really, really want and then wait until the end of the month to buy them. By that time, things are either on sale, out of my size, not really something I want anymore, or moved over to the next month. It's cut back on a lot of spending, because after starting at something for an entire month, I know what I really, really want and what I can do without. So lest you think I'm moneybags over here, just know only a couple items will probably survive the final cut. I'm always open to suggestions, though...any tips for staying under budget?

1 comment:

  1. What a fun idea! I love that clutch and the nail polish colors are so pretty.


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