Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fiddle Leaf Fig

image from apartment therapy

image from House Beautiful

image from So Haute

My new favorite thing in our house is a living and breathing (no, not a puppy) Fiddle Leaf Fig! I have long wanted one of these pretty trees with big, shiny leaves, and our mother-in-law was kind enough to give us one this week. One of my favorite things about these trees is the fact that since their leaves are so big, they add a big dose of color. 

In case you're interested in getting one of your own, I actually found one online after searching at a couple of area nurseries. They like quite a bit of light and enjoy humidity (bingo...cuz I got that!), and they take about a small pitcher worth of water about once a week. Fiddle leaf figs also grow towards the light; so you need to rotate it every couple of months to ensure even growth.

Here's our little tree...hopefully soon to be accompanied by a gallery wall. Cross your fingers I can keep this baby alive!


  1. Once again, I don't notice something I see all the time in magazines until you point it out. I love the fiddle fig and its big leaves. I haven't seen them here in SoCal, but maybe we don't have the humidity for them. I see that the ones in the pix have one stem/trunk and your baby has 3. Will you have to separate it at some point when it gets bigger or is it coming out of a single stalk down under the moss somewhere?

    Wow - you've been posting a ton this week! I need to catch up on all of your posts this weekend. Have a good one!

  2. I had to search quite a few nurseries to find our fellow; so I bet they're somewhere in SoCal too!

    I was also kind of surprised when our fellow showed up with so many stalks, but the person who delivered it said they are usually pruned quite a bit to look less leafy and taller ones tend to have less stalks. We like all the leaves (and I have NO idea how to prune something), but he said since they're slow-growing I probably won't have to worry about separating or pruning anything for a long time. But we'll see!


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