Monday, April 23, 2012

Spiro Style

all images from Absolutely Beautiful Things

I adore all things Anna Spiro and the bright, fun, and layered characteristics of Australian style. Anna is the queen of mixing bright colors, preppy prints with ethic textiles, collected antiques and lacquered furniture, and vibrant art. Her interiors look collected and liveable and her art is always gorgeous and modern without being serious and pretentious. I would move-in in a heartbeat, especially if this means a visit to Australia and being a hop skip and a jump to the ocean (oh and Australian wine). But if we can't move to Australia or hire Anna Spiro, we can at least try and get the look...

pillow from Lands End | pillow from Yastk on etsy | Picture frame from Furbish | 
French market tote from Sirene | Artwork from Annechovie on etsy | Rug from Dash and Albert Ginger jars from Wisteria | Staffordshire dogs from Yonks on etsy

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