Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Showers

Zara shoes | Micheal Kors wedges | JCrew wedges | JCrew dress | Kate Spade dress | Tibi dress | Kate Spade necklace | Tory Burch earrings | JCrew necklace | Bauble Bar cuff

...bring Summer nuptials. Wedding season is upon us, and although you do need that perfect dress for the reception, there are also showers, brunches, and engagement parties to consider. Thus, the sundress with the combination of easy to wear and walk in wedges and bright jewelry you can mix and match from event to event. Now all you have to do is comb the registry for the perfect gift.


  1. Um, I need that plaid cuff...NOW! Do you have an invite code for BaubleBar? I might as well add it in while I'm creating my account if it'll help you in any way!

    1. You're so nice to ask! I wouldn't have even thought of that. My code is: 43579. I'm seriously contemplating that cuff too...just have to wait until Thursday when my new credit card statement starts ;)

  2. Done! Yay, and I got $10 off for creating an account. It's win win for both of us. I'm justifying it based on the discount and an incoming tax refund ;)


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