Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gallery Wall

photograph from Eye Poetry Photography | print from Sugar Paper 
 vintage photograph from Leigh Viner | painting from winkofpink
print from Emma Kisstina | print from Minted

Once we've started laying out pictures for our gallery hall, I've realized these gallery walls you see everywhere are way harder to create than how they look! That random mish-mash of images you see on blogs and magazines, not so easy to create without looking forced or a little too out there. 

We're attempting to work with what we've got, but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming up some gallery walls I'd really like to create. I'll post a few of these in the next few weeks, because if I can't have them in my house, at least I can have them on my blog! First up, a feminine mix I would hang directly above my desk, in a dressing room, or even a living room if I could convince the other half. 

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