Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bauble Head

necklace from The Vintage Rhino on etsy | bracelet from JCrew | ring from Shopbop
necklace from Loren Hope | necklace from JCrew | earrings from Otteny

Just the other day I was telling some friends how my accessorizing skills are lackluster. I am in no way able to rock an arm party, tie multiple strands around my neck, or deal with the pain of big earrings. However, driving to work yesterday, I hatched a plan. You see, my future dream is to be a really fantastic old lady. (Dream big, right?) I want to be one of those full-of-flair ladies with stories, eccentric eyewear, apartments filled to the brim with books and artwork, and crazy accessories always worn with leopard print flats. I realized that any well-dressed yet slightly off-her-rocker old lady needs a collection of quirky and vintage jewels. Thus, this fall I have my eye on gold animals, oversized rings, and vintage inspired jewels. If I start collecting now, I just may pull off my dream in 40 to 50 years.

P.S. Someone please scoop up that elephant necklace. If you don't, I can't promise I won't...

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