Thursday, August 2, 2012

Late Summer Beauty

Nary a blogger misses the opportunity to tweet, instagram, or post about the newest JCrew catalog and with good reason. Christmas wishlists are made of this stuff, and there is never a shortage of creative styling. One of my favorite parts of the "style guides" is the hair and make-up ideas. The JCrew look of relaxed glamour is right up my alley. Lets, break it down shall we?

Nails: Short, colorful nails are ubiquitous in JCrew catalogs. They're heavy on the coral in this issue, and my personal favorite is Chanel Orange fizz. It's not too beachy; so you can wear it long into Indian Summer.

Hair: Let's all learn to master the messy up do/pony tail, shall we? A teasing brush is a must to generate some height and relax your hair a bit. Pin some strategic pieces back to add height and pull some slightly out to make it look a little less done. Just don't forget the hairspray to keep it together. I use L'Oreal Elnett, and it's gotta be some of the best stuff out there. It protects against frizz, you can easily brush through it, and it doesn't smell like hair spray.

Lips: I've worn Nars Schip all summer long, but I'm really liking the idea of something a little lighter and more feminine for Fall. Enter Bobbi Brown's Pink lipstick, one of those go-with-anything shades to add to your make-up arsenal. 

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