Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Mixing feminine and masculine aspects is one of those basic fashion rules we all take for granted. Leather jacket over a flowery, flowy dress...example numero uno. However, no one pulls off the English rose/tough girl/slightly bohemian look quite like Poppy Delevigne. Sure it helps that she's willowy, has legs longer than the London Bridge, and perfectly wavy platinum locks, but Poppy also looks like she's always having fun with clothes while still looking amazing. Because as we all know (and sometimes forget) having fun with fashion is rule #1. 


  1. You've inspired me! I already have the leather jacket and black belt. Now all I need to find is a flowing flower dress. Although I'm not sure if the leather jacket will work in Texas heat...

  2. Totally have a girl crush on her!! Love how she mixes classic pieces.

    Kini Style &

  3. How have I never seen this girl before? I love her style and yes, the long legs are a major bonus when you are wearing those dresses. I love her choices of shoes as well. Envy!

    1. I have an unhealthy obsession with Tatler magazine is how I became aware of her, and a secret infatuation with the name Poppy. Which is obviously a name that only a girl that looks like that could pull off.

  4. Love the outfit from Harpers Bazaar. Great blue sweater and polka dot pants. Have a great weekend :)


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