Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Emerson Fry

This past week, Emerson Made was re-launched with a new line of clothing under the name Emerson Fry. It's filled with some classic pieces with a definite '60's twist, basic shapes, preppy-chic shoes, and fun accessories. Emerson is so incredibly creative (and seems like fun too), and that farmhouse of hers in New Hampshire - just as cute. 

Take a peek at the new Emerson Fry, and there's quite a few more goodies here.

*Also, note for bargain hunters: You can buy the pieces from the EmersonMade line at a considerable discount on their website right now. I know I scored a shirt I'd been wanting for awhile at 50% off. Even if the Emerson Fry products are a little out of your price range, the EmersonMade pieces are worth a trip to their website!

1 comment:

  1. Love the bracelets in the first photo and skirt in the last... I am not sure about those big ass Noble House Design necklaces in the Tuesday post though.... just saying....


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