Friday, March 9, 2012

Denim Obsession

perfection in a jean can be purchased here

The DVF + Current/Elliott collaboration has definitely got my attention. I'll take one in each and every color, please and thank you.

P.S. Happy weekend friends! Any big plans? We will be painting our newly remodeled kitchen. Then cooking, a lot, because I may never leave the kitchen ever again. 


  1. Wow, love! I'm with you -- one in every color would be perf. :)

  2. Are you going to post pictures of said newly remodeled kitchen? Please share!

    1. That's my plan! I'm waiting on a light fixture and a rug, and then I'm hoping to post some pics. The one problem is I will probably have to wait for a visit from my Dad to install the light fixture. I'm just not sure my husband is up for the challenge...

  3. Wow I need one of each also! These are too cute for Spring! Hope you post pics of the kitchen re-do!

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