Monday, March 5, 2012

Bookcase Styling

No matter how many blog posts I read or images I pin on Pinterest, my bookcase styling continues to disappoint. My husband can attest that nothing in our home receives more attention than the bookcases in the front of our house, which are in the habit of being arranged and re-arranged if not on a daily, at least a bi-weekly basis. My favorite bookcases are those that look collected, arranged on a whim, and give you a glimpse of the inner-workings of their owner. So, here are a few tips I'm working on to give my bookcases some semblance of style. 

Displaying personal items and photographs collected via travel, passed down from family members, or scooped up in vintage stores or etsy and making sure these items don't take center stage but blend seamlessly with books. 

image from Lonny

Varying the height of shelves, incorporating great art, and including some fun, less personal objects for color and to tone down the seriousness of the shelves. 

image from Amber Interiors

Laying my ever-growing collection of books every which way and letting books serve as bookends.

image from Shelter Interior Design

Placing objects in front of those books whose spines are not-so-attractive.

image from Better Homes and Gardens

I know there are some secret stylists lurking out there - do tell me, what are your bookshelf styling tips? 

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