Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bathroom Update

We're crossing our fingers that the upstairs renovation is done this week (minus all the painting we've opted to do), and I realized that I haven't mentioned hardly one thing about it. I'm going to give you fair warning that the next couple of weeks will probably be filled with an overload of information and too many pictures. 

First up - the bathroom! When I look back, it's kind of amazing how much things have stayed the same and how much things changed. After this post, I was positive we were going to go with option B. However, after pricing things out and talking with Kyle, we decided that wasn't the best option. Our other two bathrooms have a little more color and excitement (well now they do or will soon), and we decided that color scheme actually might work best in the dining room. Plus, I felt like we needed a more masculine, classic bath in the house, and Kyle was all over that option. Our plan going in was classic neutral with brass accents.

Oh brass. Every blog I read tells me I need brass, and then the blogger posts pictures of their home with gorgeous "I want to go to there" brass faucets, knobs, pulls, etc. We went to multiple stores on the hunt for a classic and well-priced brass faucet. The only options we found we're 90's style spec home, holy wow brass swan with wings for handles, or gorgeousness that cost just way more than we wanted to spend. We ended up opting for polished nickel due to the fact that it gave a little more oomph to the space but allowed us to eat dinner at night.

Then, change of plans numero dos. We were all set with our fixtures and fancy sconces when an slight problem of miscommunication occurred. And by slight I mean the bathroom was 6 inches shorter than planned and meant we needed to completely change the sconce plan in 24 hours. Enter downstairs sconces that I really, really wanted to replace. So upstairs they went, new sconces were purchased downstairs, and it just so happened that the sconces didn't look half bad in their new home. 

Okay...so many words. But here's a basic mock-up of the bathroom, and hopefully I'll be able to walk on the newly stained floors tomorrow and show you some pictures! 

Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray paint | Sconce | Medicine Cabinet | Faucet (pretty close) | Sink Console


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    1. Thanks! I spoke with the contractor, and I should be able to go upstairs soon and post some pictures here by the end of this week!


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