Thursday, January 31, 2013

Design Conundrum

I read an article on President Obama in Vanity Fair a few month's back where he stated that when you make decisions, even trivial ones, it degrades your ability to make future decisions. Apparently, after all the decisions that have been made in the last few months about new furniture, things for the upstairs, and a new job, I have degraded my decision-making abilities to precisely nil. 

Last week, Kyle and I painted my grandmother's antique dresser the prettiest blue you ever did see to transform it into a sideboard. I was convinced we needed silver knobs, and once I put them on, it just didn't give me the "pow" factor I wanted. Thus, some help amigos, if you please. And yes we're talking about knobs here. Obviously things are dire if I've started posting to the blog about trivial decisions.

Here's the current look...

And here are some inspiration of fellow turquoise-ish stunners with knobs in a variety of colors. The top image is probably the closest color to our dresser.

image from Swoon Worthy

image from Style at Home

image from Hillary Thomas

The dining room is painted gray with a gray and white striped rug, natural oak table, lucite chairs, black china cabinet, and snazzy black and brass chandelier. I would show you pics, but this room currently only exists in my head as the table and rug are making their way to Houston, TX as we speak. So...polished brass? Antique brass? Silver? Stay with what we've got? 


  1. I was actually thinking something darker, like oil-rubbed bronze or even black would look awesome. Of course, what you have is so, so pretty too! I absolutely love that shade of blue. What is it called?

    1. I hadn't thought of doing something darker...thanks for the recommendation! I'm really liking that idea!

      The paint color is Sherwin Williams's Blue Bauble. It's maybe a tiny bit darker than the picture shows, but it's a really pretty blue.

  2. I love the antique brass look in the first photo ... but would love to see the room you hope to put it in to get a sense of the overall design look you're going for! Your insta pictures look drool-worthy.

  3. I like the way it turned out already, but if you're not convinced I agree that black would probably look nice given the description you're giving of the other pieces in the room. Can't wait to see what happens!


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