Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Big Reveal...

I took these pictures this morning right after our final walk through; so it's still missing a few of the do dads that "make" the room. Also, the DSLR was over served in Cuba and is currently sitting at the Camera Doctor. So...iPhone pics it is!

It was nearly impossible to get a good shot of the entire bathroom because of the placement of the door, but this gives a pretty good idea of the overall vibe of the place.

Double vanity that tried to wreak havok the day we had it brought in. In case Pottery Barn tells you that something is not assembled, that really just means that the marble isn't placed on the vanity. Thus, brining the bottom up a flight of stairs with a narrow landing will cause you to cut into the drywall (and a minor freak out). 

This picture probably captures the color the best in the room as the other two are a little bit off. 

And my favorite part...the nook! I saw one of these on Chassity of Look Linger Love's instagram and just thought it was the best idea ever. I copy catted her and now I have one too! 

I can't wait to make use of this place, and I'm hoping it will lure in many visitors who want to come visit and use our guest bath. :)

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  1. Looks great! That is one of my biggest fears - ordering something and then not being able to get it into the house!! Glad it worked out in th end.

    : ) Rachel


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