Friday, February 10, 2012

Preppy World Traveler

HGTV is one of my guilty pleasures.  I secretly enjoy rolling my eyes at people in search of a new home who don't understand the power of paint and those decorating shows where it looks like the owners are living inside the color wheel.  However, the exception to the rule is Secrets from a Stylist.  In addition to the fact that Emily is instantly love-able due to her constant smile, hint of quirk, and amazing chic hippy wardrobe, she also has a unique (and useful) take on decorating.  She has her clients take a "design quiz" of sorts in which they identify objects from a group, and based on their choices, she gives them a catch phrase to define their style.

Naturally, being a decor obsessed new homeowner, I decided I needed a catch phrase of my own. I don't have an abundance of random objects lying around, but going through my tear sheets collected over the years, I decided to call my style "preppy world traveler." A little prep, a little boho, gathered mementos...

Finding inspiration for this preppy world traveler has been a little more difficult...until I stumbled upon Jenny Wolf Interiors.  Her interiors have that perfect combination of uptown put-togetherness with a more laid-back collected look.  Her portfolio was a big source of inspiration, because not only do her rooms look well thought out, but they are also looks attainable and personal.

all images from Jenny Wolf Interiors

Based on the Jenny Wolf vibe, here is a rough, rough sketch of where we're headed...

We're currently in the hunter/gatherer stage (obviously some art, a couple extra chairs, accessories, etc. are sorely missing), but hopefully, I'll be able to pull this together and show some pics!

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