Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Karen Walker for Anthropologie

all images from Refinery 29 (click for more looks)

Happy extra day of the year! I am very thankful that on this extra day I am not yet employed and can spend a whole extra day reading and wishing for a Law and Order marathon. One drawback of unemployment is the distinct lack of extra pennies floating around, especially when Karen Walker is debuting a low-priced line at Anthropologie next month. 

Anthropologie always draws me in at the mall with their window displays, and I always look forward to getting the catalog in the mail. Of course, they've done it again. I have a serious lack of dresses in my closet, which will not do for hot Texas summers, and Karen Walker's classic shapes and fun prints just might be the thing. 


  1. Wow!! Love this collaboration. That polka dot dress in the bottom row is just way too cute.

    Kini Style & The Klury Report

  2. I love the top middle red/blue striped dress, and only wish that I were taller and could rock it like that model, hair and all. Unfortunately I've come to accept that horizontal stripes (which seem to be everywhere this season) are just not flattering for my short body. So why am I always drawn to the look?? Sigh.


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