Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Chic Length

image from InStyle

image from Sequins and Stripes 

image from fashionista 

I happen to be convinced that some of the best days involve haircuts and blowouts. Sure the process takes forever, but then you walk out with bouncy, full-bodied, perfectly straight hair that can't be duplicated at home. Seriously, I watched eagle-eyed every time, and I still have yet to master drying my hair with a round brush. 

Today just so happens to be one of those days, and if I had the guts for it, I would chop my hair a la Gwynnie, LSD, and Olivia Palermo style - right at the collarbone. Debutante chic, I say. 


  1. I heart your blog. It is brilliant and adorable. Ive been saying you should cut your hair like that for ages! Do it! I just got straight across bangs today. It always grows back.

    1. I actually cut a lot off the other day (well, a lot for me), and it's blunt instead of layered. Plus, I went blonder...big changes! I want to see your bangs!


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