Friday, February 24, 2012

On My Bedside Table

I thought I would start a series of sorts on the blog where I post about books that I have recently read. I'm always hunting for my next read, and I realized a lot of my recommendations have come from blog posts or comments in relation to blog posts. For all you readers out there, this one is for you.

A few weeks ago, I read Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life by Lisa Chaney. Much of the details of Chanel's life are hard to pin down as she was prone to exaggeration and falsification at times. However, the truth would have been much more exciting. Chanel overcame quite a lot to establish herself as an independently wealthy woman, and her rise to fame is quite interesting. The book not only describes Chanel's life but also offers glimpses into the myriad of personalities she associated with in pre-war Paris. 

With little to no knowledge of Chanel before I read the book, I found Chanel's life and experiences intriguing. Chaney does at times become a little apologetic about Chanel's actions and often infers quite a bit into her motivations. Due to the lack of information available to her, this does help sketch a better picture. How accurate the picture could be hard to say. Overall, I would say Coco Chanel: An Intimate Read is worth picking up, especially if you are unfamiliar with Chanel herself. You might be surprised about what you learn.

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