Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Book List

Get your Christmas wishlist ready, because I have some books for you! Every blog I'm reading is talking about Fall fashion, and you know what, I'm excited about riding boots too. But what is really exciting me this Fall is the release of three bookss from my favorite designers. (If Ruthie Sommers was releasing one too, I wouldn't even know what to do right now).

If you're into the ethnic, laid-back California vibe, then Nathan Turner's American Style is your book of choice. Plus, he was just so cute on Million Dollar Decorators. (Comes out October 1st)

Miles Redd is king of over-the-top traditional with a twist. His use of color is like no one else, and I'm pretty sure he's never met a lacquer paint he doesn't like. I'm right there with ya, Miles. Miles Redd's Big Book of Chic comes out October 23rd.

The perennial favorite of bloggers, Amanda Nisbet's book Dazzling Design comes out this week. She epitomizes fun, preppy style with a great use of graphic patterns and bright colors.

I've pre-ordered all three, and I'll let you know what I think!

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