Monday, September 17, 2012

End of Summer

flowers from StyleMePretty | Anna Karenina from Amazon | blanket from Serena and Lily

I know in some parts of the world, it actually feels like Fall. However, down here in Texas is what I like to consider my favorite part of summer. Temperatures are in the 80s during the day and dinners outside aren't ruined by armies of mosquitos. So, mis amigos (in reality I'm guessing we're only talking about amigas here), are some of my favorite things to do this time of year.

1. Panzanella salad is a weekday staple around here. I like to grill my veggies (onion and sometimes red pepper) and toss lots of garlic on my bread before I make croutons. Throw in some cukes, spinach, and basil, and you have the perfect fresh salad. 2. Sunnies are all over the groceries stores around these parts, and I love to scoop them up and place them in vases all over the house. The only problem I have found is that our new pup seems to think fresh flowers are a fine delicacy. 3. Anna Karenina is coming out in theaters in November, and I've never read this (huge) classic. I'm thinking I might need to start now to finish it before I see the film. 4. My absolute favorite thing (besides driving down small country roads in Texas) is opening all the windows once the weather gets cooler, turning on the fan, cuddling up with a good blanket, and reading for hours. My husband will quickly tell you that this is the least economical thing I could possibly do, but hey, sometimes you have to splurge, right? 5. It's still a little too hot to apple cider, but this summer I've come to love drinking hard cider. It's refreshing while still giving that comforting apple flavor. Harpoon is a new favorite, because it has a lot of flavor and is all natural. Plus, around these here parts, we believe sulfites = bad. 

Anyone else have late summer activities you love? 

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