Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Real E-Stalking

Even though we have a house that I love, I cannot stop looking at Houston real estate listings. I love having a peek at other people's houses and getting ideas from the way Craftsman homes have been updated or decorated. This house is one of the best examples I've seen lately of an updated Craftsman. The owners went with a Spanish bungalow style, which although it's pretty common in other parts of the US, isn't something you see much here.

My mom commented last time she was here that I have an obsession in my house with marble, subway tile, and hexagonal tiles. Since our home isn't that large and fits in a certain period, I really gravitate towards consistently across rooms, and that's what really appeals to me about this house. I love the attention to detail with the tiles and the muted but consistent color palate and fixtures. And those exposed beams, ya'll. It's such a good background to add in fun furniture and color. Plus, who wouldn't want that shower? Looks pretty luxurious for a house this size!

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