Monday, June 18, 2012

Kristin Kirkley

all images from Kristin Kirkley

Over here at Casa Nelson, we're currently in the we've repainted all our rooms and have nothing hanging on the walls stage. We have plans for a gallery wall in our hallway, and I've been looking all over etsy for pieces that catch my eye. 

This weekend, I found Kristin Kirkley and am completely mesmerized by her photographs. They are so simple and beautiful, and I am trying to narrow down which prints I actually want to buy how many I can afford. She has the calmest nature shots and dreamy travel photographs, plus a blog with more pictures of her travels and inspiring images from other photographers. Stunning stuff, my friends.


  1. What beautiful photography! I have been wanting to take a few classes to get a bit better behind the lens!

    xx Lynzy

  2. Love the peonies, and there's something about those shutters and bricks...

    1. I know!! I don't know what it is, but that photograph is perfection in my book!


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