Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Canadian House and Home

all images via Canadian House and Home magazine

A well established fact about me: I love reading. Books are always (and always will be) my first love, but I've also acquired a love of magazines. The original incarnation of Domino was my first love. I managed to save every issue, despite my tendency to recycle, regift, and give away at every opportunity. Domino was my gateway into interior design magazines and led me to Canadian House and Home.

Have you ever picked it up? It's a such a good magazine with a real variety of homes and styles featured. Most of the homes actually feel lived in and not overly decorated, with a feeling that you might knock on one of the owner's doors and actually see the house looking like it did in the magazine. A lot of the designs pay homage to the character of the house and geographical location, which seems like a rarity in shelter mags sometimes. Plus, there are always fantastic recipes in the back, some well-priced products throughout, and fun renovation features. For the most part, it seems like attainable design with tons of great ideas and inspiration. Oh, and despite my little teaser, all of the rooms aren't always black and white. 

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